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Wild Card: Nebenwetten

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Wild Card: Nebenwetten
Some big decisions await
OrteNew Vegas Strip
Gegeben vonJa-Sager
BelohnungLegion Infamy
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Wild Card: Ass im Ärmel

Wild Card: Side Bets is a Hauptquest in Fallout: New Vegas, vergeben von Ja-Sager.

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The factions you need to talk to are:

Each of these factions can be met in any order, and all have a quest associated with them. Upon successfully completing the associated quest, you will have the option to tell Yes Man what you have done. Alternatively, you can simply tell Yes Man to ignore the faction, thereby skipping the need to deal with them. Even if you've told Yes Man to ignore a faction, you can go back once you've earned their assistance and change your opinion of them through dialogue.

Essentially this quest is just a guidepost quest that points you to the other factions, actually earning their aid or solving their problems requires you to complete a side-quest that usually gives you reputation (reputation with the Strip for the casinos, or with the Boomers, BoS, or Khans) and sometimes special benefits.

Brotherhood of SteelBearbeiten

Hidden Valley is a fenced in area that has an odd phenomena during the night, dust storms concealing its bunkers. A few underground bunkers are scattered around the area. The Brotherhood bunker is on the west side of Hidden Valley toward the north end, and will be indicated by a tree stump on it. Upon entering the correct bunker, you will be interrupted by two brotherhood paladins. They will ask you to strip down to your underwear, wear an explosive collar, and to enter and meet their leader if you want to side with them. (This section of the quest will not occur if the player has Veronica as a companion.)

For the Brotherhood of Steel, you have two solutions:

  • Destroy Hidden Valley. Hack the self-destruction terminal on second floor (very hard), or pickpocket 3 keycards (from Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin and Head Scribe Taggart) so you can generate password for self-destruction. When you activate the self-destruction protocol, the whole base will go hostile. Hacking the turret control console (hard) in Paladin Ramos' room, and setting the turrets to attack the Brotherhood of Steel members might be helpful. (Hint: Dressing up in a Brotherhood disguise will make everyone ignore you after you activate self-destruction)
  • Convince the Brotherhood of Steel to support the NCR. Follow the NCR quest line until you reach For the Republic, Part 2. Colonel Moore will ask you to eradicate the Brotherhood, and you can negotiate with the Brotherhood Elder. Elder McNamara will, after some convincing, support the NCR to avoid conflict with them. This option will not be available if you helped Head Paladin Hardin to become Elder; he will not ally the Brotherhood with the NCR under any circumstances. You can report to Yes Man before or after telling Colonel Moore.


To solve the Boomers' problems you must complete the quest Volare!, which will earn you their assistance in the Battle of Hoover Dam (by way of a pre-War heavy bomber) and the ability to come and go freely from Nellis. Thump-Thump, a unique grenade rifle, and ample 25mm grenade ammunition and all types of grenades can be found in the Ant Misbehavin' side quest at Nellis AFB. If you want to pick up the rebreather, you can acquire it from Jack and Loyal after getting Pearl to trust you.

Great KhansBearbeiten

The Great Khans can either be convinced to help you (by completing the quest Oh my Papa) or to leave the Mojave for more fruitful areas. Or, they can be exterminated completely. It is also possible to get the Khans to suicide bomb Hoover Dam during the final battle through a speech check (75) with Papa Khan after you've gotten him to break the alliance with Caesar's Legion.

If you don't talk to Papa Khan before killing him you will not be able to complete the quest part with Yes Man.

White Glove SocietyBearbeiten

By dealing with the White Glove Society's problems with cannibalism during the quest Beyond the Beef, you can tell Yes Man that you fixed their problem, solving their portion of the quest.

Sometimes when you are doing this portion of the quest, Marjorie will not appear outside the Members Only area. This can be solved in two ways, both console commands: by typing "prid 0010d4e7" and then "moveto player", or by using the "kill" command on any White Glove. Loot them, then use the console to resurrect him or her. If you loot them, you get the key to Members Only area and a disguise so the White Gloves you encounter won't attack you; Marjorie should be inside.


At the Gomorrah you can pick up the quest How Little We Know. If you choose to aid Cachino in breaking up what the bosses have planned then you can inform Yes Man of this fact.


Once all the factions have either been ignored or their side-quests done, the player must simply talk to Yes Man again to complete the quest.

This quest is probably the longest in the game, simply for the fact it has five components, each of which is a quest chain with between 2 and 7 parts.


1 Make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel
2 Visit the White Glove Society at the Ultra-Luxe casino
3 Observe the Omertas at their casino, Gomorrah
4 Go to Red Rock Canyon and make contact with Great Khans
5 Make contact with the boomers at Nellis AFB
6 (Optional)Tell Yes Man that you've decided to ignore the White Glove Society.
7 Inform Yes Man that you've fixed the White Glove Society's cannibalism problem.
8 Inform Yes Man that the Omertas are no longer a threat.
9 (Optional)Return to Yes Man and tell him that the Boomers can be ignored.
10 Tell Yes Man that the Boomers have vowed to support you.
11 Inform Yes Man that you convinced the Great Khans to leave the Mojave.
12 Inform Yes Man that you've convinced the Brotherhood of Steel to help the NCR.

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