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Nasty radscorpion
Fallout 2RAD-Skorpion
Black radscorpion
Professor's radscorpion
Fallout 3RAD-Skorpion
Giant radscorpion
Fallout 3: BSAlbino-RAD-Skorpion
FO: New VegasRAD-Skorpion
Small radscorpion
Giant radscorpion
Radscorpion queen
Bark scorpion
Bark scorpion hunter
FO TacticsRadscorpion
Fallout: BoSRadscorpion
Glowing radscorpion
Spitting radscorpion
Giant radscorpion
Van BurenRadscorpion
Fallout: BoS 2Radscorpion
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RAD-Skorpione sind riesige, mutierte Skorpione die häufig in und um verlassene Gebäude auffindbar. Sie entstanden aus dem nordamerikanischen Kaiserskorpion,[1][2], die in vielen Zoohandlungen zur Zeit des Großen Krieges fruchtbar waren.[3] Sie haben sich seitdem geändert, sind viel größer, schneller und weitaus giftiger geworden, als jemals zuvor. Trotzdem sind verschiedene Gegengifte aus ihrem veränderten, stärkeren Gift abgeleitet worden. Allgemeine RAD-Skorpione teilen ein ähnliches Aussehen, mit einem anderem Typ. Jedoch bestehen viele Teil-Bevölkerungen des einzigartigem RAD-Skorpion.




These are the most common variety of radscorpion. The color of their skin may be dark brown or greyish blue. These venomous predators seem to possess different speeds, some taking their time and others bolting at top speed. Their size ranges from that of a large dog to that of small livestock. Variants in Chicago have been seen with their stingers sometimes having a green, glowing radioactive tip. They use their stingers most of the time, and rarely use their claws.

Professor's radscorpionBearbeiten

Gameplay Artikel: Fallout 2

This is a unique, genetically engineered intelligent radscorpion. It has been so extensively modified it now possesses the ability to speak, and can play chess. You can challenge it in Wahrnehmung, Beweglichkeit and Intelligenz.

Giant radscorpionBearbeiten

Giant radscorpion
Gameplay Artikel: Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas

A much larger radscorpion with a more potent venom. These terrifying creatures can reach incredible sizes from livestock to a Corvega. The giant radscorpion is often encountered in pairs, it's not uncommon to see one turn from the player and back off, only to be joined by another and charge in again.

Albino RadscorpionBearbeiten

Albino radscorpion
Gameplay Artikel: Fallout 3

Der Albino Radscorpion ist eine besondere Form des Rad Skorpions, der in Broken Steel add-on einzug in die Welt von Fallout 3 hielt Fallout . Sie haben die gleiche größe wie Rad Riesenskorpione sind allerdings nicht pigmentiert und deher weiß (möglicherweise eine mutation durch die Radioaktivität. Sie sind eine der Tödlichsten Kreaturen im Ödland der Hauptstadt, und können manchmal im Kampf mit deathclaws oder sentry bots gefunden werden.

Small radscorpionBearbeiten

Gameplay Artikel: Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas

These creatures are likely juveniles or just much smaller examples of radscorpion, as they are encountered both in company with larger varieties as well as by themselves. The strength of their attacks and the potency of their venom are proportional to their size. Their size ranges from that of a brimmed hat to a medium-sized dog.

Radscorpion KöniginBearbeiten

Giant radscorpion
Eine sehr seltene Art von RAD Scorpionen.Die Königin ist die größste und die stärkste aller RAD Skorpionen in Fallout New Vegas. Es Gibt bloß 2 Königinnen im Mojave Ödland.Eine in der Feuerwache von Camp Searchlight und die andere in der anderen Hälfte des Ivapah Trockensees in ihrem Bau.

Bark scorpionBearbeiten

Bark scorpion FNV
Gameplay Artikel: Fallout: New Vegas

Bark scorpions are a strain of radscorpion native to the Mojave Wasteland, which, as their name implies, evolved from North American striped bark scorpions mutation. They are easily identified from other species of radscorpion by their mottled, brownish carapace and the fact that they are much smaller than the larger radscorpion. Despite being a species of radscorpion, they do not get along with their larger and more violent cousins, and are frequently preyed upon by them.

Bark scorpions differ from radscorpions not only in size and coloration, but in attack methodology. Whereas radscorpions tend to engage a target the second they see it, bark scorpions tend to hang back and try to outflank the player if at all possible. This is made worse by their tendency to jump short distances if they detect prey that's gotten too close in a hurry. If encountered in numbers, they frequently try to surround their intended target.

While significantly weaker physically than their heavier-bodied cousins, the bark scorpion has dramatically more dangerous venom, causing more damage over time, as well as blurred vision.

Bark scorpion hunterBearbeiten

Bark scorpion FNV
Gameplay Artikel: Fallout: New Vegas

Among bark scorpions, these are the larger and more aggressive individuals. They are generally found in the same areas as their smaller counterparts, and can be difficult to distinguish from regular bark scorpions.

Glowing radscorpionBearbeiten

FOBoSLogoFolgendes basiert auf Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel und wurde nicht durch Kanon Quellen bestätigt.
Glowing radscorpions

These types of radscorpions live in highly radioactive areas in Texas. Two known locations they are found is the Carbon crater near the town of Carbon, as well as the Secret Vault ruins (both area have suffered a nuclear bomb and had many radioactive elements before). Similar to normal radscorpions, glowing radscorpions have been irradiated far past mutation to the point where they visibly glow even in bright sunlight (similar in the process to glowing one) and get a green aura and a light whitish brown color. They are a bit more aggressive than the normal variety. Both their pincer claw attacks and stinger strikes subject the victim to high radiation exposure. Once dead, they release a highly radioactive green smoke for three seconds.

Spitting radscorpionBearbeiten

FOBoSLogoFolgendes basiert auf Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel und wurde nicht durch Kanon Quellen bestätigt.
Spitting radscorpions

Spitting radscorpions are native to the Carbon crater near the town of Carbon, as well as the Secret Vault ruins. Much like the glowing radscorpions, they are the result of prolonged exposure to radiation. They have developed the ability to spit radioactive venom at great range. Their claws are severely underdeveloped and used generally for protecting the spitting radscorpion's head but they can still be used as a weapon if necessary. Spitting radscorpions are yellowish green in color with a bright red coloring on their back and legs.

Large giant radscorpionBearbeiten

FOBoSLogoFolgendes basiert auf Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel und wurde nicht durch Kanon Quellen bestätigt.
Unique giant radscorpions

Even larger giant radscorpion are rumored to live near the irradiated Carbon crater in Texas. High radiation levels and special environment in the crater has caused them to mutate to enormous size and develop traits uncommon to their kind. They are the biggest of all radscorpions, approximate to a large tractor-trailer in size. Their massive claws are used as both weapons and shields with extraordinary range and can block bullets. It has a big reddish eye sits in the center of their head and possesses an extremely robust exoskeleton. Strong and fast, they have only one known weak spot: the arms supporting their giant claws. If these limbs can be damaged or destroyed, they are left to rely on their deadly stinger alone.

Hinter den KulissenBearbeiten



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