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Nuka Cola-Werk
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Nuka Cola Plant loc.jpg
Nuka Cola-Werk
FraktionenNuka-Cola Protektrons
BesitzerVault-Tec Corporation
RoboterMilo, Vorstandsarbeiter
QuestsDer Nuka Cola-Wettbewerb
Nur wegen des Geschmacks
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Nuka Cola-Werk Terminaleinträge

Das Nuka Cola-Werk ist ein großes, dreistöckiges Fabrikgebäude am südlichen Rand im Ödland der Hauptstadt.

Es ist mit Nukalurks, Nuka Cola-Sicherheitpersonal und einige Kakerlaken besiedelt.

Grundriss Bearbeiten

Das Gebäude ist in vier Sektionen aufgeteilt, darunter zählen Forschung & Entwicklung, Lager & Mischbottiche, Büros und Abfüllgeschoss.

Forschung & Entwicklung Bearbeiten

Die Erste Sektion der Fabrik nach dem Empfangsbereich ist die Forschungs- & Entwicklungsabteilung. Wenn man die Fabrik betritt und zur Decke guckt wo das Loch ist, findet man dort einen Aktenschrank, in dem ihr das Fertigkeitsbuch Chinesische Armee: Trainingshandbuch Für Spezialeinsätze und Munition aufnehmen könnt. Die Terminals hier enthalten Informationen über die Entwicklung und Probleme der Nuka-Cola Quantum. Außerdem gibt es einen Wandsafe, der die Formel der Nuka-Cola Clear, welche für die Unmarked Quest Nur wegen des Geschmacks benötigt wird enthält. Der Schlüssel für den Safe befindet sich im Besitzt von Milo, dem Robotervorarbeiter.

Lager und Mischbottiche Bearbeiten

Mixing Vats.jpg

Die Lager und Mischbottich Sektion ist teilweise mit einer wässerigen Nuka-Cola Quantum-Lösung überflutet. Das ist auch die einzige Umgebung, in der man Nukalurks findet. Außerdem befindet sich in einem Raum der Brief Willkommen in der Nuka Cola-Familie!. Der Brief ist an den neuen Mitarbeiter Larry gerichtet und enthält seine Mitarbeiter-ID, welche für die Konversation mit Milo nützlich sein wird.

Büros Bearbeiten

FO3 Nuka-Cola plant closet.jpg

Der Raum mit vier Skeletten.

Die Büro-Sektion enthält Informationen über die Werbekampange der Nuka-Cola Quantum. Außerdem startet hier durch den Fund der Leiche von Winger Mercier (Notiz: Die Suche nach der Formel) die unbenannte Quest Nur wegen des Geschmacks.

Fabriketage Bearbeiten

This is the area behind the locked door in the first cell. If you don't have sufficient Lockpick skill it can be accessed through the offices (follow the signs that say "shipping"). In the bottom level of the factory floor a friendly Mister Handy, named Milo, shipping foreman, can be found. He is in possession of the R&D safe key and the shipping computer password. The key and the password can be obtained either by introducing oneself as the new worker Larry and giving Milo his ID number (see "Welcome to the Nuka-Cola Family!" note above), persuading Milo with high enough Speech skill, resetting him with the Robotics Expert perk or simply by killing him (password is recorded on the holodisk, which causes a "PipOS Error - 26: File Not found for the image).

The packing computer (very easy) is located on the factory floor level two rooms before the entrance to the offices. It can be used to manufacture 3 Nuka-Cola Quantums before the bottling line jams permanently.

Bemerkenswerte Beute Bearbeiten

Fabriketage (vor passieren der verschlossenen Tür) Bearbeiten

NCP factory floor map.jpg


Fabriketage (hinter der verschlossenen Tür) Bearbeiten

  • Die moderne Zuhaltung - Factory floor section, north section near entrance to the Office section. Same room as Milo, behind a door in the room you'll find a safe and the book is on a shelf under the safe.
  • 3 Nuka-Cola Quantum - In the factory floor level, use the Packing Line terminal, located near the NE corner of the map on the ground floor, to select Quantums, then turn on the bottling line. It jams instantly, but 3 Nuka-Cola Quantums appear on the line.

Lager und Mischbottiche Bearbeiten

NCP storage and mixing vats map.jpg

Lager und Mischbottiche

  • Nukalurk-Fleisch - This is the only location in the Capital Wasteland in which the player can obtain the unique nukalurk meat. Some Nukalurks may also be encountered in the Offices.
  • Willkommen in der Nuka Cola-Familie! - a note found in the first part area, to the left of the computer that activates the nearby factory protectron.

Büros Bearbeiten

NCP offices map.jpg


  • Großes Buch der Wissenschaften - On the middle floor, western edge of the map, due north of Winger Mercier's corpse, on a table.
  • Stealth Boy - Beside Winger Mercier's corpse in the Office section.
  • Die Suche nach der Formel, a note found on Winger Mercier's corpse.
  • Lügen wie im Kongress - Also on the middle floor, east/northeast part of the map, on top of a safe, right next to a Marketing terminal.
  • Hilf mir Notiz - Found on one of a number of skeletons in a closet telling about the draconian punishments enforced by Milo. The closet can be found on the first floor of the office on the north side, behind a Hard locked door.

Außenbereich Bearbeiten

Zugehörige Quests Bearbeiten

Infos Bearbeiten

  • The exit door at the end of the factory floor needs a Lockpick skill of 100 (Very Hard). The door can be opened with a switch (which is a little difficult to see) located on the left side of the door. The switch is only on the factory side of the door, not on the entrance side.
  • If Milo is confronted before finding Winger Mercier's corpse, he cannot be asked for the R&D safe key, unless earlier you succeeded in convincing him you owned the plant. If you return to Milo after finding Winger's corpse you can then ask him for the key. However, killing Milo will automatically result in him dropping the key.
  • The offices is the section with the highest number of radroaches in the game, 18.
  • Outside the factory, there is an Enclave encampment where an Officer trains three soldiers doing push ups.
  • If the Enclave officer has already been killed when you get there, the three soldiers will be standing around doing nothing and will repeat "I've got nothing to say to wastelander scum like you". All three can be killed without a loss or gain of Karma and each will drop a finger.
  • If timed correctly upon arriving near the Nuka Cola plant, a team of Brotherhood Outcasts and a sentry bot will appear over the hill and attack the Enclave, in which the Lone Wanderer can watch the fight between them or join in.
  • Even though there are two separate types of empty bottle, both "Empty Nuka Cola Bottle" and "Empty Soda Bottle", the empty bottles found on the assembly lines are oddly "Empty Soda Bottles", instead of "Empty Nuka Cola Bottles" like you'd expect.

Vorkommen Bearbeiten

Das Nuka Cola-Werk kann man in Fallout 3 einem Besuch abstatten.

Hinter den Kulissen Bearbeiten

  • In the "Stage Two" log, of the Marketing Terminal, the proposed Tag Line, for this stage of the Nuka-Cola Ad Campaign (As well as the next), was to be "Take the leap... enjoy a Quantum!" Which is a reference to the quantum leap phenomenon occurring in quantum physics.
  • The password for the factory's shipping manifest "NC-C1864" is a nod to a Star Trek ship registry. While the NCC-1701 is the registry for the U.S.S. Enterprise, the NCC-1864 is for the U.S.S. Reliant. It is the ship that Khan steals in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • In the factory floor area, a research terminal has an entry "New Flavor Coming!", and mentions a new product, Nuka-Cola Clear, with the "same great taste" as regular Nuka-Cola. This could be an homage to Crystal Pepsi, from the early 1990s, which was a clear soda but had largely the same taste as original Pepsi.

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