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Helios One loc
FührerLt. Haggerty
QuestsDem Ingeniör ist nix zu schwör
Sommer, Wüste, Sonnenschein
Klassische Inspiration
Alle Menschen werden Brüder
Neue Hoffnung für Forlon Hope
Cell NameHeliosOne
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Gametitle-FNVGametitle-FNV DM

HELIOS-One ist ein Solar-Kraftwerk von Poseidon Energy, dass durch Spiegelzellen den Strip und andere Orte mit Energie versorgen kann. Es enthält einen gigantischen Superlaser: Achimedes II. New Vegas Strip or other settlements in the Mojave Wasteland. It also contains the control system for two space-based weapon platforms, Archimedes and Archimedes.


Helios One bestand bereits vor dem großen Krieg und wurde von Poseidon Energy als "Dawn of the Golden Age" gefeiert. Nach dem großen Krieg wurde jedoch eine Truppe der Stählernden Bruderschaft dorthin geschickt, ihr Leiter war der Älteste Elijah, um Helios One als Sicherheitsposten zu nutzen. Elijah wusste zwar, was für ein Potential die Anlage hatte, jedoch beschwerte er sich bei den anderen Gelehrten Mitgliedern der Bruderschaft, dass man Helios One nicht verteidigen könnte.

Die RNK begann sich dafür zu interessieren, weil Helios One immer noch Energie herstellen konnte, also griff sie mit einer überlegenen Streitmach an. Das Kräfteverhältnis in diesem Kampf lag bei 20 zu 1 für die RNK. Bevor die Bruderschaft fliehen musste, installierten sie noch einige Sicherheitsupdates, damit die RNK so wenig Nutzen wie möglich aus dem Kraftwerk schlagen kann.

Die letzten Mitglieder der Bruderschaft hielten sich seitdem in Hidden Valley auf.
Helios One

Helios One



At the beginning of the events of Fallout: New Vegas the facility is controlled by the NCR, who have a detachment guarding the facility. At the front entrance is Lt. Haggerty, who must be convinced to allow the player character in, or the player can Dietrich a side door for entrance.

In the back of the building is a "technician" named Fantastic, who is working on getting the power plant functioning. The room adjacent to Fantastic's contains another scientist, Ignacio Rivas. A nearby door leads to the mirror yard.

Mirror yardBearbeiten

Behind the main building is the solar collection tower and an array of computer-controlled mirrors. There are also two mirror control terminals in small shacks, and several tents set up by the NCR troopers guarding the facility. The western terminal is guarded by mines, bear traps, and a rigged shotgun, while the eastern terminal is guarded by attack dogs.

Solar collection towerBearbeiten

Inside the solar collection tower, past a small straight path there are three hostile automated turrets and several (level-dependent) security robots, a mix of protectrons, robobrains, Mister Gutsys, and/or sentry bots. Going straight ahead leads to an unlocked door to a small room containing several frag mines (both active and inactive) and an easy locked terminal. The terminal can be hacked to shut off the turrets or get them to fire indiscriminately at all targets (including the security robots). Near the entrance is a water fountain with no Strahlung. Downstairs is a small room with two pulse grenades on a shelf, and an average safe containing more pulse grenades and pulse mines plus miscellaneous loot.

The level continues through a double-wide door and down a sloping corridor guarded by a leveled security bot. The door at the bottom leads into another narrow corridor, leading to another multi-level room with stairways and catwalks, guarded by a Mister Gutsy. At the bottom is a door leading to more corridors and three small rooms. One contains five protectrons and their charging stations, one contains some desks, skeletons and two Poseidon Energy ID cards, and one has an elevator that leads to the observation level of the tower.

Observation levelBearbeiten

The observation level contains the mainframe computer used to activate the plant and direct its power, plus a broken generator that can provide power to the mainframe and a repair robot called Python. See That Lucky Old Sun for more about repairing and using the mainframe. There is a door at the top level that leads to the observation deck.

Observation deckBearbeiten

This is a circular deck all around the top of the solar collection tower. A spiral catwalk leads down from the entrance door. There is a reflector control panel that must be activated to complete the retargeting of the mirrors during That Lucky Old Sun. This location is outside, so the player can fast travel from here, though it is not recommended to do so during the Helios One/Archimedes I startup sequence, as this can cause quest glitches.

Nennenswerte BeuteBearbeiten

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine upstairs in the main building, lying on a bed in the same room with the east terminal password. (Head to the right from main entrance, through the pool room, and right up the stairs.)
  • Programmer's Digest on the upper level before big doors inside the Solar Collection Tower
  • Fixin' Things on the table in the second flight of stairs after the tunnel with the cots in Solar Collection Tower
  • Meeting People on one of the troopers stationed outside the entrance to HELIOS One (can be pick-pocketed)

Verwandte Quests Bearbeiten


  • If the Archimedes I plant defense system is activated, killing all the RNK troops at the plant, it will cause Caesar's Legion to occupy Helios One two days later, and will hold it through the end of the game. (The ending slides reveal that under certain circumstances the Brotherhood of Steel or RNK will retake it after the events of the main game). There are only two Legion soldiers guarding the whole station and will mention that they "Don't even need the camp" but are occupying it to scare the NCR. They still keep Fantastic on hand though, suggesting they want to keep the station operational.
  • If you side with Father Elijah during Dead Money, a special cutscene is shown at its end explaining that the Elijah makes wide spread use of Holograms along with the lethal effects of the Cloud to kill all living things in the Mojave Wasteland before turning on the RNK, whilst also mentioning that Helios One is returned back to full operational capacity (and presumably Archimedes II as well).
  • Above the solar collection tower, a Mark II/IV/VI/VIII turret with a stealth boy cloak can be found. It wont attack you and cannot be killed. The only way to access it is to turn collision off with the console command tcl. This is what causes the red tick mark around the tower.
  • After killing the dogs surrounding the eastern terminal, the soldiers around the area may become hostile, the soldiers outside will not however.
  • The hologram map in the Archimedes room is a map of the Capital Wasteland from Fallout 3, with some of the pyramid shapes on the map representing Raven Rock, Vault 101, Megaton, Rivet City, The Mall, and The Citadel.


HELIOS-One erscheint in Fallout: New Vegas und wird in Dead Money erwähnt.

Hinter den KulissenBearbeiten

  • Helios war der griechiche Gott der Sonne, in Griechischer sprache war das wort Helios übersetzt Sonne.
  • This location is based on The Solar Project located in the Mojave Desert.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Sometimes when leaving the building via the back door, various NPCs, creatures or invisible objects will fall out of the air and will become hostile. These may include Rey, Audaz, Colmillo, No-bark Noonan, Basura, Old Lady Gibson, Molerats, Radscorpions, barrels, a tin can or a combination of the above. Reloading the autosave made when you exited the door will correct this problem. Also, it can freeze up the game.
  • Inside the Solar Collection Tower, the stools may not be sat upon, unlike all other chairs in the game.
  • ps3Icon ps3 A hostile Protectron may be found in one of their blue glowing holding containers, and if you kill him while he is still in it you may become trapped inside. The only way to fix this is by reloading your last save (possibly the autosave upon entering).
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Protectrons within the room with the laser tripwire seem to be immune to explosive damage.
  • pcIcon pc Disarming the laser trip wire within the room with Protectrons with science skill does not however prevent it from opening the forcefields and letting Protectrons out to attack player.
  • ps3Icon ps3 The southwest room with the Mister Gutsy has two filing cabinets occupying the same place next to the sink.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Rarely moving from the main part of the Helios One tower to the observation tower, the game may freeze or crash, and the console will need to be restarted.


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